This is where I belong

I have a new mantra, this is it.

This is where I belong

That is not to say this is where I will always belong, or that things will never change, on the contrary, I can take this mantra with me wherever I go, through changes that might have otherwise frightened or concerned me.

Continuing with last year’s word, “surrender”, and trusting in God’s providence to guide me to where He wants me to be, and knowing as I go, this is where I belong, be it Idaho, Canada, Texas, or Timbuktu.

Whether I am working outside the home, or tending to my vocation inside my home,

with or without seizures,

able to drive, or grounded,

in an apartment, or house, or tent,

hungry or fed,

with or without family, friends, fellowship, or any other thing I thought was necessary for my health, happiness, or contentment.

Today, where I am, right now, with all I posess or don’t,

this is where I belong.

8 comments on “This is where I belong

      • True. Kristie is becoming an expert at blooming where she’s planted from the agricultural lands of Central Texas to the Arabian Desert and to the recent uprooting and replanting in the Sunshine State. In my case I’ve only had to bloom in mostly the same soil.

  1. Thanks for this Lyn! You are absolutely right! Where we are in this very moment is exactly where we are supposed to be! Great post! God Bless, SR

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