The Altar

The Kitchen has been called the heart of the home.  Family life is nurtured in the kitchen; conversations, tears and laughter coexist and comingle; food is prepared and consumed.  Generally, because of use and abuse, the kitchen is the messiest room in the house. If the kitchen represents the heart, the sink would be its altar.

The sink is where used vessels are gathered, scraped, washed clean, sorted and prepared for future use.  You can’t serve up a fresh hot meal on dirty dishes, now, can you?

In the same way, to be used effectively by God, we need to be cleansed regularly. Everyday use leaves the remains of what we had to offer on the surface of our heart.  Regret and unforgiveness will harden into bitterness if we are not careful to remove it promptly.   In the quiet of your kitchen, bring the dirty dishes of your life to the altar.  While you are scraping and scrubbing the congealed mess from the dishes, rinsing them clean, and putting things straight in your little kitchen, Let the Lord do the same thing on the altar of your heart.  With contrition, make a plan to right the wrongs that you have committed, and ask the Lord for the strength and resolve to follow through.  As you are putting away the clean dishes, and wiping up your workspace, thank the Lord for His goodness to you.  Ask Him to prepare you and enable you for the work that He has for you.

Regret, Guilt, and Shame are the ugly stepsisters of Contrition, the daughter of Truth and Pardon.  These stepsisters are hateful, ruthless, unforgiving, and usually gross exaggerators.  Don’t let them “help” in your kitchen.

4 comments on “The Altar

  1. So good to have you back and I hope you have some time this time, to stay around for awhile. Love the post and the analogies you used! Surely this was God inspired because who would have thought it????

    I know I always need to be cleansed almost daily if not daily. I do not think I will ever go in my kitchen again, and not think about this post! Have a great Thanksgiving Lyn! Love and God Bless, SR

    • Thank you, SR, it is good to be back. Working on a festive holiday banner to help get me in the spirit, looking forward to Advent!!!

      I really did feel like this post was a gift. I read “The Chore of Regret” over at best of K’s blog…and my brain cells started firing, and the rest is what you just read. I do love the thought of you remembering this when you are busy in your kitchen, especially if it draws you closer to the Lord.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving yourself. Much much love.

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