A New Word for a New Year

My word for 2015 was “joy”, and I had many experiences that brought me joy, as well as opportunities to exercise my understanding of joy, in faith, because if I was walking by sight, I would not describe some of these moments as joyful.

But there was joy in the midst of it all.  There in the broken heart that chose to extend love and grace to the undeserving and ungrateful.  In the answered prayer for safety, and guidance, and wisdom for one walking in darkness.  In the packing up of dashed hopes and broken relationships, and the prodigal’s return to the family who cherishes and cares for her.  In the song belted out at the top of her voice, high above the brokenness, in the smile through the tears, in her warm hugs and acts of service.  There is joy because the Giver of joy is present, even in the middle of the pain.  He comforts, fills the heart with a peace beyond comprehension, and then fills the mouth with a song.  He comes alongside and sings the song when we forget the words.  He is present, in us, working through us, spreading that joy to others through us, his broken vessels.

This year, I was given the word “mercy”.  I intend to study the word, dig around the Sacred Scriptures for examples and pictures of this mercy, as well as follow the Holy Father’s teachings in this year of mercy.  About a week after receiving my word “mercy”, I happened on this blog post, and was challenged to view prayer in a different way.  As I meditated on this new perspective, the Holy Spirit quickened in me an acronym for mercy to use in my prayers.  

Make Every Regret Count (for) You

I read somewhere that the most recorded request of Christ when he was on earth was “Kyrie Eleison” or “Lord, have mercy”.  I’m finding it to be one of my most uttered prayers as well, and now, instead of just asking that He heal it, fix it, make it better, or make it go away…because sometimes He doesn’t…my prayer for mercy will be, Lord, make every regret count for You.  I think it’s another way of praying as Jesus did, “God, if it is your will, let this cup pass from me, but nevertheless, not my will but yours be done”, or “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, here on earth as it is there in heaven”.

I’m excited (and a little afraid…with a healthy fear) to see what will come with a shift in perspective.  I have a feeling it will dovetail with my 2014 word “surrender”, and I’d like to think I will get to revisit my word for 2015 in a new light as well.  Pray for me, we can pray for each other, that the Lord will have mercy and grant us His peace and joy as we strive to live for Him.  In Jesus Name.  Happy New Year!