Did It Myself Curry Powder – Take 1

One of the things I came to love from our stay in Atlantic Canada was their curry.  Hubs’ dad had a good recipe, and showed me the basics of a good curry sauce for chicken, beef, and veggies.  I bought his Venetian Gold recommendation, and used it up.  On one of our return trips there, I procured another bottle, and have since used it up.  All my attempts to find the stuff here have fallen flat, even Amazon failed me…so, I am on a mission to find a good diy recipe to rival it….stay tuned.

I found this recipe on deliciousobsessions.com.  I love how it is in parts, so I can make large amounts or small, without having to “math”.  Today I used tablespoons, and a repurposed jelly jar…if it works, I’ll use 1/8 cup and store in a larger jar.  It smells like heaven!

Here is the recipe:

4 parts coriander
2 parts turmeric
2 parts dry mustard
2 parts chili powder
1 part cayenne
1 part cumin
1/2 part cardamom

I am not a product snob by nature.  The spices I used are not fancy ones, I usually pick them up on sale.  Again…my house smells amazing and I haven’t even started cooking yet.  I believe tomorrow we will have chicken and veggie curry with cauli-rice.  I can’t wait.