Conversations at Consecration

I’m collecting memories here of things I overhear at Mass – particularly during the time of consecration of the precious body and blood.  It started last year, right at the moment when Father held up the host and the bell rang, a little voice on the other side of the sanctuary said in a loud voice, as if answering a phone, “Helloooo!”

A few weeks later, at exactly the same time, a young child, I’d guess aged three or four loudly querried “What’s THAT?”  It tickled me at first, but then I remembered a Bible study I was at years ago, where we talked about the manna that came from heaven to feed the Israelites while they were wandering in the desert.  I was told that the word “manna” literally means “what is it”?  Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

Tonight at Mass, again, during the consecration of the host, an inquisitive little tyke behind us quipped “What’s God doing?” I’ve wondered the same thing, with the testings, trials, and blessings our family has seen in the past few years; I thought it an even more profound question to come at the particular time of Christ being made present to us in the Eucharist.  I pray for this child, that he would see and understand God’s gift of His only son for us.  I pray for wisdom and clarity of conversation for his parents who field this question and the countless others he will have.  And I pray for me, that I will not be afraid to ask with the faith of a child “What’s God doing?” and wait to receive His answer in obedience and trust.


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