Look what the cat dragged in

I’ve been MIA.

What started out as writer’s block (and would have been a perfectly valid reason for taking a break), turned into author’s apathy, both of which were compounded by a facebook addiction, my return to work, a change or ten in family dynamics, and having my second seizure in a seven month span.  Not cool.  I’ve taken a bit longer bouncing back from the seizure, and though I look “okay” on the outside, my thought processes have been glitchy and blank, which has made it just about impossible to form a coherent thought from start to finish, which has caused me to feel vulnerable in my relationships and attempts at conversation, which have taught me a new coping strategy, being quiet.  I’m still learning.

I did get to add significantly to my prayer journal, I’ll share some of that in the next little bit.  I wish I could say all of my time was productive, but I do feel that I have had a pretty good rest, even if it was self-imposed.

The past couple days, I’ve felt the familiar pinging of ideas, questions, ponderings, and connections being made in my little brain, and so, since I process best by verbalizing (or writing), I decided to get over myself, and celebrate the first Sunday of advent by attempting to get some of it into some decent blog content.


That reminds me.

Happy Advent!

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holy Days

I’m seeing a lot of sentiment from folks online for keeping Christ in Christmas, and some who are outright offended at the “holiday” greetings that are sometimes used instead of Merry Christmas.

I am not one of those people.

I’m not offended by someone wishing me “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings”.  I’m not offended because I don’t believe the sentiment steals anything from Christmas, rather, I believe it enhances it, since it is inclusive of several memorial and feast days in the time span from December 1 through January 5 this year.

December 1 kick-started the “holidays” with the first Sunday of Advent, reminding us, that Jesus wants to be born in us anew, again, and we wait anxiously for His arrival, both in our hearts and for the day when He returns to the earth to take His children home.  While we wait, we are reminded of the prophecies foretelling the details of his birth, and prepare our hearts for Him to be born in us again.  We are mindful of our sinfulness, our need for a Savior, the blessed example of the one woman whose “yes” to God continues to inspire us, and the example of Jesus Himself, who being God, stepped down in humility and became man, for mankind.

In fact, truth be told, every Sunday is a holy day in which Jesus comes to us, is born in us, gives His body for us, and is raised and raises us to new life again.  With that in mind, wishing me “Happy Holidays” is a perpetual blessing as I see it, that lasts through the winter holidays all year long.

Blessed Advent!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays, everyone!