Where I am

I shared a piece last year about this time, of a piece I wrote entitled “I am From”.  It was inspired by my friend Sylvia over at Christian Homekeeper.  At the time, I thought I should write a second one titled “Where I Am”, and am finally getting around to it.  I hope you enjoy it.

I am in small town Alabama.  I am in the laundromat once a week, in seemingly endless days that flow one into the next.

I am in a four room duplex, kitchen windowsill lined with mason jars, azaleas in full bloom out front, and a barking dog staked under budding pecan trees wrapped in ferns.

I am in dreamland, missing past days and gathering ideas in mental preparation for the future when I will again bask in the warmth of the sun and enjoy the bounty of my own garden.

I am older now and growing gray.

I am a Hedges, yet, still very  Engblade and Schappert, combined with Lewis, Davis, and Durrett.

I am a child of God.  Learning to lean, learning to wait, and learning to rest in Him.

I am filled with joy, that often spills out in cleansing tears.

I am Roman Catholic, stained glass windows, incense and bells; daily Readings and confession; the Eucharist, the Liturgy, and the Communion of the Saints.  I’ve taken up my cross, put on Christ and am clothed in His righteousness.

I am “using it up, wearing it out, making it do, or doing without”.

I am a Gypsy, en route from Idaho to PEI; from PEI to Alabama, and from here to God knows where and when.  I’ve seen better days, but I’ve definitely seen worse.  I am both despised and loved, judged and shown mercy, shunned and welcomed.  I have everything I need, and much of what I want, yet still, I find myself discontent, wanting more.

I am prone to impromptu game nights, uncontrollable laughter and biweekly weigh-ins at my sister’s place.  I am in great company on frequent drives to the city and Saturday garden workdays at the farm.

I am listening to one of five Pandora stations, depending on my mood.  I am singing along; either reminiscing or learning something new.  I am on facebook, wordpress, and the message board.  I’m all about my grandbabies, my family, my blog, and my invisible friends, with occasional drama and basement hideouts during severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings.

I am becoming increasingly aware that I am part of a bigger picture, though for now I am in this little duplex, in Small Town, AL, with big dreams and a growing faith in my Great Provider.

By New Things Posted in Poetry

2 comments on “Where I am

  1. I loved reading this Lyn. Thank you so much for sharing it. It made my eyes water up, Girlfriend! I have some of the same blood in me as you do:>) Wonderfully written. God Bless, SR

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