Spicy Crackers

This snack  is fast becoming a staple here at Grammie’s house.  When we were in Alabama, my niece shared the recipe with me, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It’s tasty, simple, and inexpensive…three of my favorite things!

Here’s how I do it:

I measure 1 1/3 cups of canola oil in a pyrex measuring cup, and add a package of ranch dressing and 2 tsp. red pepper flakes.  Mix it all up well and set aside while preparing crackers.  Open and place a box of the least expensive saltine crackers available  into a gallon sized ziplock baggie, pour seasoned oil over the top of crackers and seal the bag.  Let it set until oil mix accumulates at the bottom of the bag, then turn the bag over so it can continue to soak into crackers evenly.  I turn my bag over a few times, just to make sure the crackers in the middle get the good stuff on them 🙂

20140605-194135-70895086.jpgIf you can wait, they taste the best after 24 hours…but I can never wait that long.

Here’s a picture of my latest batch…try them at your own risk.  They are VERY addictive.

11 comments on “Spicy Crackers

  1. Yay! No real cooking involved! I’m gonna try it since you say it’s tasty, simple, and inexpensive! For me, as long as there’s no baking, simmering, stirring, etc, then I’m gonna attempt it. Thanks for the recipe! Will share ’bout it.

  2. Lyn, I tried to make this today, but mine looked nothing like your picture. Couldja clarify, is it 1 cup AND 1/3 of canola oil? Cuz that’s what I did and mine came out too oily. But it was delicious!

      • Thanks for answering my question, Lyn. It tastes delish! I’m about 90% finished with eating the whole box (which had 2 packets inside) of the saltines. These spicy crackers sure do hit the spot for my taste buds! I agree, “Eat at your own risk – they’re addicting!” Hehehe.

      • Oh dear. That’s why yours were so oily. My cracker box has four packets inside…I’m sorry I assumed all saltine crackers were sold in packs of four.

      • No problem, Lyn. They still tasted delicious and I had almost finished the whole box. I made mention in my reblog of this post about how it’s supposed to be for a box of 4 packets. Thanks for clarifyin’!

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