To My Children…and their children…and their children’s (future) children

Mother’s Day typically is a day when we honor our Mothers, and if we are Mommas, we get to be honored.  I’m doing something different this Mother’s Day, and passing that honor onto my children, one of whom is married to a Momma, two who are Mommas themselves, and the youngest who is not yet a Momma, but is developing some mad nurturing skills of her own to be used one day in the future.  In honor of them I want to share a poem I wrote.

My children…

Oh, how we love you
Long before we’d seen your face,
 we loved you
And we prayed that God would fill you with His grace
and come along beside you
And that you’d love and follow Him.

We delight in you!
As we’ve watched you learn and grow,
our eyes were always on you
With each victory we cheer, and thank God
for His goodness to you
And the work he’s doing in you

How we pray for you
As you navigate the storms of life,
remember, we pray for you
That God would comfort, guide, protect and teach
the wonders of his goodness to you
And that you’d follow in His ways.

L. Hedges, 2010

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