We Are Not Home Yet

On their way to the land of God’s promise, the children ofIsrael wandered in the desert, whining, grumbling and yearning  to go back home to Egypt.  We all have our deserts, when we travelthrough them, do we trust God and follow his lead, or are we like the childrenof Israel, short-sighted and easily wearied?

They had the cloud by day and the fire by night, they hadHis presence, leading them through their desert, and they could not trust him,they complained and thought slavery in Egypt was better than what they wereexperiencing in the desert.
We had a house, land, animals, friends, we had the lifestylewe thought God wanted us to live, homeschooling, gardening, simplicity…we hadit all, (leeks and onions included)  andyet, we felt unmistakable leading from the Lord to leave it all, give it allup, for something new that He was to show us. We did as He asked, risking our credit rating, our reputation, and ourmaterial accumulations.  We turned ourfamily unit upside down; kids went to school, I returned to the workforce, andnow,  seven years later, we still, likeAbraham sense God leading us to “a place that I will show you” …and the valleyis long, dark and lonely, through it, I’ve said “goodbye” both my parents, andmy husband’s mother.  We’ve made across-continental move to my husband’s childhood home and found it to beunfriendly and unwelcoming.  There is nowork here, and we are forced to look back to where we came for deliverance.   Ican’t help but wonder, “What next?”  …andsome days, like the children of Israel, I complain, compare and create in mymind the kind of life “I” selfishly think is the Lord’s will for my life,instead of doing what He told me, and it sounds so simple, all I have to do istrust Him.
“I will lead the blind by a way they do not know”
“Don’t think on the former things, doing a new thing”
“…a way through the wilderness, rivers in the desert”
I have to believe this is part of His plan; that He isworking on the front side of the quilt that is my life, while all I see are theknots and tangles on the backside.  Iknow the biblical truth that in this life, we will have tribulations, life isnot always easy, fair, or pleasant; Lately, the Lord is bringing home in a veryreal way, lyrics that we sang in our carefree days, but never really apprehendeduntil lately.  “This world is not myhome, I’m just a-passin’ through”. 
I don’t usually make new year’s resolutions, but this year,I’d like to reach the point that I can automatically “know” this, that in timesof temptation, or doubt, my spirit can recall this, and encourage myself, andbuild myself up with God’s truth.  He isGod, I’m not.  He is good, all thetime.  He is in control.  He has a plan, and He is hard at work.  I will follow.  I will think His thoughts, I will trust Hisleading.

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