Daddy’s Legacy

My dad has been in heaven for seven years now.  Today he would have been 77 years old.  I wrote this poem for my him three months before he passed away, in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary that we had managed to gather all of us kids together for.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  You were a great man, and are greatly missed!

Not a wealthy man, in earthly terms, yet rich beyond compare.

You didn’t strive for new possessions.  For these, you didn’t care.

But, what you lacked materially was made up in the end

In assets beyond measure; proven character, family, and loyal friends

You taught us by example to put God and family first

You worked long hours just to earn enough to be dispersed

To pay the bills, clothe the kids, put groceries on the shelf,

Kids in school, gas in the car, but you didn’t lavish on yourself

One trait of yours that I admire and forever have sought after

Is your knee-slapping, gut-splitting, contagious, roaring laughter

I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much it meant to me

To be the one to make you laugh, and fill your day with glee

Thank you dad, for showing us the Source of joy, the Truth

For teaching us, and training us while in our days of youth

Thank you for the time you spent down on your knees in prayer

For following God’s guidance and the wisdom you found there

Thank you for the heritage that money can’t afford

Thanks for your example of a life lived for the Lord

Thank you Dad, for all you’ve done, for guidance and provision

Thank you for the legacy of Lovin’, Laughin’ & Livin’.

Lynda Hedges

January 2005

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